Enhanced safety

The Rotortug propulsion configuration in combination with the tug design experience of Robert Allan Ltd, make the Rotortug the safest tugboat around.

The third thruster secures enhanced safety for the operator, always providing a way out in challenging situations. The Rotortug ability to work over bow or stern with the same ease and the possibility to always work bow first, further increases the safety factor.

Safe connection to stern

Rotortugs are not hindered by a sea-going vessel’s propeller wash when connecting to the stern of a vessel. Rotortugs do not rely on skegs to create hydrodynamic forces. As such the forward and aft double-ended drive arrangement provides full control of the tug when connecting a towline.


Safe connection to bow

Rotortugs can always operate bow first. When operating in seas, or swell, the Rotortug always sails ahead, also when operating as center lead fore tug. ASD tugs sail astern in such cases (bow-to-bow) reducing safe connecting speed and susceptible to seas running into the lower aft deck. Rotortugs double-ended control ability increase safety by overcoming hull-hull interaction effects moving in close proximity to other vessels.

Ship-handling over bow

Rotortugs feature a midship pivot point. This enables a positive safe towing lever when towing ahead and astern. Tractor tugs can only operate over the stern whereas ASD tugs can only engage in ship-handling and escort towage over the bow.


Ship-handling over stern

Rotortugs midship pivot point enables safe towing over the stern. ASD tugs have an instable towing lever when ship-handling over the stern. Tractor tugs can only do ship-handling over the stern. A tug master always has options to operate in his preferred mode with a Rotortug.

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