Marijn van Hoorn about Rotortugs’ accurate manoeuvring

Marijn van Hoorn


Marijn van Hoorn grew up in the world of tugboats, his parents owned a tug when he was young. Marijn got to know Rotortug when he started working in Bremerhaven as a tug master. Years ago he started as a maritime pilot in the Port of Rotterdam and gained experience with all types of tugs. We asked Marijn about his experience with Rotortug and why he likes to work with our tugs.

The narrower, the better Rotortug performs


Bremerhaven was the most ideal place for Rotortugs, according to Marijn. The car carriers were passing through narrow locks, this is where the Rotortug come to their full potential. The narrower, the better the Rotortug performs. Marijn: "You can work very precise with small margins between the ship. That is a great benefit of the Rotortug, compared to ASD or Tractor tugs." 

Marijn van Hoorn

"I am a big fan of Rotortugs, they are great harbor tugs! Rotortugs are faster in manoeuvring and are highly responsive compared to ASD’s or tractortugs."

Challenging transports


When working as a Rotterdam Pilot Marijn did multiple challenging transports with Rotortugs. For instance when transporting enormous offshore modules. During these transports there was a very narrow bridge passage to cross, the (old)Botlekbridge. Rotortugs were used as push boats, since "you can manoever on a square inch”.  We utilised the triangular propulsion configuration as optimal as possible, one thruster for the forward motion and the other two thrusters for the Port- and Starboard motion. There was no need to turn the thrusters, giving us an instant reaction to the pilot or towmasters order.


Accurate manoeuvring


In these situations accurate manoeuvring is of great importance. According to Marijn: "I am a big fan of Rotortugs, they are great harbor tugs! Rotortugs are faster in manoeuvring and are highly responsive compared to ASD’s or tractortugs. And, with the triangular propulsion configuration, it is a very redundant and safe operation." 




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