Rotortug challenges existing markets by developing state of the art towage solutions. We secure an extensive knowledgebase about towage, the towing industry, her operations, stakeholder interests and the operational restrictions of existing tug types. By connecting our operator history and experience-base feedback with research data gathered from full scale, model tests and CFD studies, we create the best future-proof tug designs.


We support your improvement drive with proven tug systems and by sharing best practices. A Rotortug licenses comes with hands-on, and/or simulator based training to make the most of the Rotortugs capabilities and based on tug masters skillsets. Creating awareness of factors impacting tug effectiveness. Phenomena such as propeller wash, impinging on a vessel’s hull wastes over 20% of tug power. Maximizing leverage to speed up vessel turnaround.

Tug design

Rotortug eliminates the cost of bad design. Creating user-friendly designs improves safety on board, reduces crew fatigue and improves operational efficiency. Combining our ‘soft ’ design touch with high power leverage and our partner’s engineering base, we create great tugs that are: (1) highly effective (2) a pleasure to work with and (3) provide good stakeholder value. Our focus on user-centric design is rooted in our operator family background.

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Partners about us

As Director of Operations at Buckeye Bahamas Hub Tom knows how Rotortug operates in heavy sea conditions.

Tom Nash

“The Rotortug design is all about innovation, it is a different kind of culture, innovation is everywhere!”


Tom Nash – Buckeye Bahamas Hub Read more about this case. 

Ergonomic tug bridge

User centric design starts with managing human interface controls and information flow. Tugs are massively powerful pieces of equipment. Creating ergonomic tug bridges provides easy access to tug power, reduces crew fatigue and reduces margin of error when manoeuvring around sea-going vessels. Combine an ergonomic bridge with the Rotortugs manoeuvring capability and you get a massively powerful and very nimble tug.

Controlled tug

Remote controlled tugs

Controlled tug

Bringing human machine interfacing to the next level. Remote controlled, semi- and/or fully autonomous tugs can go places manned tugs can’t. These tugs can be used for fire-fighting and operating in dangerous or remote locations. Rotortug actively supports initiatives to experiment with virtual- and augmented reality technologies to support crew. Our trainer tug RT Borkum was fitted with a remote control system for this purpose in 2018.

The hybrid Rotortug

Hybrid tugs are designed to consider the asymmetrical operational load profile of tugs. Conventional diesel direct driven tugboats are designed for the deliverance of 100% power, required only 2% of their lifecycle. Energy can now be stored for standing-by or very low power operations. This enables the tugboat to operate in a noiseless zero emissions mode. Three Class approved hybrid Rotortugs are currently active in Europe.

Take a look inside a Rotortug

Modular winch

The modular winch concept aims at simplifying winch design and construction and emulating advanced R&R functions using an advanced drive – and brake control system, brute forcing principle functions. The innovative design will be an improvement in the industry with regards to reliability, redundancy of key features, maintenance, weight and improved winch controls. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in winch design and control systems.

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