Enhanced Safety:

The Rotortug® propulsion configuration in combination with the tug design experience of Robert Allan Ltd, makes the Rotortug® the safest tugboat around. The third thruster secures enhanced safety for the operator, always providing a way out in challenging  situations. The Rotortug® ability to work over bow or stern with the same ease and the possibility to always work bow first, further increases the safety factor. The high GM in combination with excellent seakeeping behavior and the large freeboard incorporated in the design, makes the tug to the new industry benchmark for high end tugs.




The bollard pull of a Rotortug® is divided over three smaller engines and three smaller thrusters compared to normal Azimuthing tugs. The Cyclonical propulsion units of the other tugboat type in the market needs even bigger installed power to reach the same bollard pull. Dividing the installed power over three smaller units will save a considerable amount of money in CAPEX. The Firefighting pump for Fifi 1 will be on the portside forward engine PTO thus eliminates the need for an extra generator set to drive the Fifi pump. The ability to shift between engines during transit will bring additional OPEX savings. The versatility and efficiency of the Rotortug® will reduce the number of additional tugboats otherwise needed to do the job. This will be the biggest OPEX savings thinkable of.


The Rotortug® performs under all circumstances during  ship handling, escorting and confined space towage in locks or during bridge passages. Her ability to control her own position during the most difficult maneuvers’ makes this system the most versatile around. In the end it all adds up!