Push Pull:


The most used ship handling technique in the towage industry is called push pull. By attaching a tug at the stern of an incoming vessel and one or more tugs on the shoulder you have a controlled operation, safe for tugs but a very inefficient way of ship handling only possible at very low speed. Let us explain why the  Rotortug® will bring you considerable time saving and will provide you with enhanced safety for this standard operation. How


Full Pull:

A very efficient method of ship handling is called full pull. Tugs are attached at the stern and center lead forward of an incoming ship. The vessel is now controlled by two tugs and the large leverage arm will provide you with a time and tug efficient towage operation. This is why a Rotortug®  is the smart tool to maximize your tugboat efficiency. 




Confined space ship handling:

Locks, narrow bridge passages, small channels with difficult bends, these are circumstances where the selection of  the right method of towing and tool is very important. Please read why we believe that the Rotortug® is the best tool for these type of operations.  





Tidal port ship handling:

Ship handling in tidal ports can be a challenge. Time pressure is always present and high tide only twice a day. Before and after high tides,  the operations are influenced by tidal effects. The Rotortug®  provides operators with a tool where tidal effects are minimized and profit of the port are maximized.