The Rotortug ®

Rotortug B.V. is the company specializing in the design and marketing of the world wide patented Rotortug® design. The Rotortug® distinguishes itself from the conventional ASD, Tractor or Voith Schneider designs by using a triangular propulsion configuration. The excellent maneuverability of this type of tug is superior to all other conventional designs. The Rotortug® has been recognized as the preferred tugboat design in many port over the world.

With the exclusive design contract with Robert Allan Ltd, also the course of Rotortug B.V. changed. Rotortug B.V. now concentrates on the development and marketing of the Rotortug® system and deviated away from shipbuilding. When you are interested in a Rotortug® you can either contact Rotortug B.V. directly or contact Robert Allan Ltd in Canada.



Port authorities

Port authorities can demand Rotortugs® for their port. Especially when this port demands swift operation in difficult circumstances, such as heavy swell, confined turning basins and when high throughput is required.