Hybrid explained

Three hybrid Rotortug® are now operated by KOTUG in the port of Rotterdam. Encouraged by the hybrid tugs of Foss Maritime California and in partnership with AKA Canada, supplier of the Xeropoint Hybrid Propulsion System, an extremely environmental friendly and fuel-saving tugboat was developed. 

Conventional diesel direct driven tugboats are designed for the deliverance of 100% power, required only 2% of their lifecycle. The hybrid  Rotortug® was designed to generate maximum fuel efficiency across the entire load range. Energy can now be stored for standing-by or very low power operations. This enables the tugboat to operate in a noiseless zero emissions mode.



We Save, We Care

The hybrid  Rotortug®, we save, we care


  • Reduced emissions of CO2, NOxm PM2.5 With Xeropoint Hybrid technology, engines run at or near best efficiency- only when their power is really needed. Cleaner combustion contributes to a reduction of harmful emissions. We care.
  • Improved fuel economy: Main engines of  Rotortug® are designed for a high output performance. Hybrid technology shares the propulsion load between diesel and electric sources, it equals no unnecessary idling. We save
  • Noiseless: Electric energy storage permits the hybrid  Rotortug® to operate in noiseless zero emissions mode when standing-by or at very low power operations. We care.
  • Maintenance savings: Hybrid technology minimizes main engine use and increases intervals between engine overhauls and oil filter changes. We save.
  •  Healthy Workplace: Hybrid technology allows engines to be shut down at sea. Fast switching between hybrid modes with electric engines to conventional modes with diesel engines is quick and simple. The hybrid  Rotortug® is fully operable on battery power alone. We care.


Have a real look inside a hybrid  Rotortug® take our 360 tour You can navigate by clicking on the rigth upper corner picture and navigate to the bridge, engine room etc.