ART 10-15



The ART 10-15 is designed as a trainer Rotortug® and has a bollard pull of 10 tons and a length over all of 15 meters. Her almost full size bridge has the capacity to comfortably accomodate  trainer and students. The design has been tweeked to simulate the actual full size Rotortug® behaviour.

ART 60-28

The 60 ton bollard pull minimum smaller size Rotortug®, the ART60-28 is designed to serve the bigger ships in smaller harbors. Her excellent maneuvrebility and her 28 meters provide this tug with the optimul freedom of operation. This tug excells in confined spaces and during difficult maneuvres.




ART 80-32


The high end terminal and port tug with excellent esort capabilities has become th new bench mark in our industry. This tug is capable of taking on any challenge in difficult circumstances. Her extreme maneuvrebility and high transverse forces makes this the most versitile tug around.





ART 85-35

This high performance terminal escort tug, is capable of generating very high steering forces and braking forces with a short response time. Out in the offshore enviroment her seakeeping behaviour make this vessel very comfortable and safe for its crew. Within the port limits the ART 85-35, with its pivot point in the middel, she performs as a real terminal tug.





ART 100-42

The latest addition to the ARTportfolio is the ISV (infield Support Vessel) ART 100-42. This shiphandling tug for open ocean is 42 meteres which provides her with excellent se keeping behaviour and still a very comfortable ship to berth LNG tankers in the middle of the ocean alongside FLNG units. The 100 ton strong ISV is capable to deliver this bollard pull over the stern and the bow. In the transvers mode, rotoring , she is capable of delivering 70 tons bollard pull.